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Power Coffee

 Instant Coffee Mixture With Ganoderma Powder  ( $ 20 )

  • Contains high quality ganoderma and coffee 4 in 1:sugar, non-dairy creamer (contains milk protein), coffee and Ganoderma
  • Individually packed sachets for easy carrying

  • Refreshing
  • Prevents exhaustion
  • Ganoderma has the ability to neutralize caffeine effect in coffee
  • Dissolve 1 sachet of Instant Coffee Mixture With Ganoderma Powder into a cup of hot water (200ml)
  • Drink as needed     

Tongkat Ali and Coffee ( $20 )

  • Contains high quality Tongkat Ali and Coffee 4 in 1: sugar, non-dairy creamer (contains milk protein), coffee and Tongkat Ali
  • Individually packed sachets for easy carrying

  • Energy booster, Male impotence, Erectile dysfunction, Menopausal symptoms, General fatigue, Stamina, Endurance, Athletic performance, Fertility, Aphrodisiac, Mental clarity
  • Dissolve 1 sachet of Instant Coffee Mixture With Tongkat Ali into a cup (200ml) of hot water
  • Drink 10 - 15 minutes before activity

Coffee Mixture ( $25 )

Coffee is often consumed because of its stimulating properties, as an aid to reducing the aftereffects of sleep or as a way to ward off fatigue in general. Most important for many coffee drinkers, the level of dopamine in the brain increases to promote alertness.

Natural Relief Products  

 Nutmeg Ointment ( $12 )

  • Nutmeg oil, methyl salicylate, camphor, eucalyptus oil, menthol
 Nutmeg oil is used to relax muscles and has a sedative capability. It is often used to help remove gas from the digestive track, and is used for a variety of stomach ailments. It is also helpful for people with recurring nervous conditions, kidney disorders, and it aids in the prevention of vomiting and nausea. It treats abdominal pain.
  • To ease minor muscular aches
  • Temporary relief from minor pains caused by arthritis or rheumatism
  • Assists in sprains, neuralgia, stomach-ache and expel intestinal gas
  • Relieves symptoms of common cold and nasal congestion 
1. Apply freely as needed
2. Rub and massage slowly
3. Bandaging/wrapping is not recommended

Dyna-RH Capsule ($35 )

  • D-Glucosamine Sulphate 2 NaCl
  • Promotes production of joint fluid and cartilage • Anti-bone destruction • Maintains strong and elastic joint and bone tissue • Repair, treat and reduce joint damage • Relieves pains and swelling in joint  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Light to moderate osteoarthritis symptoms:
  • 2 capsules, twice daily for at least 6 weeks
  • Severe osteoarthritis symptoms:
Initial therapy : 2 capsules, three times daily for at least 8 weeks
Follow-up therapy : Maintenance dose of 2 capsules, twice daily for 3-4 months
Long term treatment : Repeat every other 6 months or less (or as prescribed)
• Capsules should be taken 15 minutes before meals 

  • Avoid taking this product if you are allergic to shellfish or hypersensitive to glucosamine

 Diet and Weight Management Products

 Body Contour Cream ( $35 )

  • Lespedeza Capitata Extract, Ulva Lactuca Extract
  • Made from plant extracts from France, promotes metabolism and reduces body fat on specific body areas with firming / slimming effects.
  • Possesses slimming ability on specific body areas
  • Skin firming effects
  • Prevents stretch marks
  • Massage in an up-down motion until fully absorbed
 • Recommended to use after bath •

 Instant Cereal ( $35 )

  • Soybean, Non Dairy Creamer, Cereal, Spirulina Powder, Psyllium Husk, Oat, Tricalcium Phosphate, Noni Extract, Flavour.
  • Supplies essential nutrients to the body • Contains natural plant fibre, can help prevent colon cancer and constipation
  • Improves glucose and insulin management of the body
  • Mix 1 sachet of Instant Fiberich N-Meal with a cup of water (200ml) and stir 
  •  Before meals or as a snack by itself 

 High Fiber Nutrition Food ( $35 )


  • Psyllium Husk, Fibergum, Soybean, Spirulina, Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Ginger Powder, Natural Fructose, Flax Seed, Chlorophyll, Lactobacillus Acidophillus 


  • Lower LDL Cholesterol level, lower blood triglycerides and blood pressure
  • Helps digestion and enhance absorption of nutrients
  • Helps elevate immunity
  • Lower blood sugar levels


  • Mix 1 sachet of Instant Fiberich N-Meal with a cup of water (200ml) and stir 
  •  Before meals or as a snack by itsel